Barley Whole




Naturally cholesterol free & low in fat. This cereal
• Great source of fibre, containing both soluble and insoluble fibre. This high source of fibre means a healthy intestine and colon as this whole grain acts as a fuel source to the friendly bacteria in your stomach. A ½ cup of cooked pearl barley contains 3 grams of fibre.
• Improves digestion and helps with weight loss as it makes you feel fuller longer.
• Aids in the lowering of cardiovascular diseases as it helps to lower high cholesterol levels, it does this by inhibiting the bad cholesterol that can be absorbed by your intestine.
• Improves heart health by controlling the production and metabolism of cholesterol which prevents dangerous blood clotting and helps to control cardiovascular processes like heart rhythms
• Considered a smart grain for those who have diabetes as it helps to slow the rate at which sugar is released into the blood stream
Quick Tips: Hulled barley takes 45-90 minutes to cook. To make this easier on your mornings you can soak the barley for an hour or overnight. This will reduce your cooking time to 15 minutes. Another option is to cook a big batch of barley and freeze in an airtight container for up to 2-3 months.
Idea! Replace rice with Barley for a fibre rich meal! Add to soups

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